What Can Text Marketing Do For Your Business?

Social Media is here to stay!  And so is Text Message Marketing and QR Codes!  Text Message Marketing is the next HUGE trend in marketing!  Pay close attention!  Almost every product that you buy today has some form of text marketing and/or a QR Code.  I was eating lunch with my family yesterday and a bag of Lays Chips had a mobile marketing campaign right on the back of the bag.  They have a contest running and to enter the contest you had to text “Layschips” to a short code ( our short code is 96362).  The short code is like a phone number, made shorter so it is easier to remember when you go to text into a marketing campaign.  They also had a QR Code that you could scan with your smart phone and get information from.  You are seeing those funny looking bar codes that we call QR Codes everywhere…..but what does this mean for you or your small business?

It means that you should look into getting a Text Message Marketing Campaign for your business!  And compared to several other forms of marketing, Text Marketing is very inexpensive when you consider your Return on Investment (ROI).  How would you like to have 80% (I am being conservative with that number) of your potential clients to hear about a special or sale that you are having so that they can come to your establishment?  That means a lot of business for you and the customer is getting a great deal.  You are building a relationship with that customer by offering them specials and VIP treatment.

I even have a QR Code on my phone that I can bring up for other people to scan to enter all my contact information into their phone instantly.  Pretty cool!

Want to know more?  Just ask us!  We are the experts in mobile marketing!

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Welcome to R Mobile Marketing!

Scan this QR Code with your Smart phone!

The ability to attract, engage, and retain existing and new customers is the lifeblood of any successful business. It’s time to upgrade your marketing communications and leverage your technology to do this in a cost effective, Eco-friendly way by repeatedly connecting with your customers wherever they are on their mobile phones. At R Mobile Marketing we help you reach more customers and tie all of your marketing together in one campaign.

According to industry statistics 90% of Americans own a mobile phone with 100% being able to receive text messages. Out of those 97% will read their text messages and 83% do so within the first hour the text is sent. This illustrates the reach that a savvy marketer can achieve with a well designed on-going mobile marketing campaign.
Here’s how it works:
Using existing databases, Facebook & social media, QR codes, and new signage we help you build a rich database that can be marketed to via text messaging. Permission is a key here, you can only send messages to customers who have opted-in. Opting in means texting a keyword to a short code, for example: Text PIZZA to 96362 for 20% off on your next visit. Customers can also opt-in by visiting your business’ Facebook page and clicking on your mobile marketing widget. When customers opt-in they receive a welcome message from your business, and always have the option to opt-out if they choose.

As your database continues to grow you now have the ability to start interacting with your market with your unique mobile messaging campaign. Here are a few ways you can interact: Specials, Offers, Reminders, Contests, and News.
We will assist you in creating your own QR (quick response) code, your own unique keywords, and even build you a Smart web-site designed for use on Mobile phones.

We have bundles designed for several different industries and we will make a custom bundle of our services to best service your business and customers’ needs.

TEXT: Rmobile TO: 96362


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